We Lost the Race

Our unseasonably warm October-November was making me very uneasy, as if my instincts were telling me “Mother Nature will get even”.  And sure enough, around November 5th, forecasters on local channels put on their Ominous Faces and began to foretell, with obvious delight, of a big ol’ Polar Express heading down from Canada that would “even reach as far south as Central Texas!”

Sure enough, just as those gorgeous big green ‘maters started looking paler, it hit.

So I picked a bucket of the biggest ones I could find through the foliage and brought them in.

Green Tomatoes

One of my blogger heroines, Farmgirl Susan, re-posted her Green Tomato Relish recipe, along with her advice on ripening green tomatoes.  Bring them in, set them down, and eventually some of them will turn red – yep, that’s all there is to it, she says.

The ones in the platter and on the bowl were the tomatoes I found the day before the freeze.  After it hit and turned the bushes to mush, the sad remains revealed at least as many more still hanging by their stems for dear life.

If nothing else, I’ll have a pretty centerpiece while I figure out which relish recipe and fried green tomato recipe I want to use for the greenest ones that don’t make it.

Our November weather Almanac.  Check out the actual temps vs the averages for November 12-15.

Almanac Nov 2014

It’s been a shock!

Coming soon: Review of Green Tomato Relish.

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